The concept

  • Each employee gets the same discount on a Mobilis Annual Travelcard

  • The amount of this discount, expressed as either a percentage or an amount in Swiss francs, is set and paid for by the company
  • Mobilis issues vouchers for the company to distribute to its employees
  • Mobilis grants the company a 15% rebate on the agreed upon discount, up to a maximum of CHF 100 per travelcard sold

Your benefits

  • Offer your employees a simple, clear and appealing transport system
  • An additional perk to increase staff loyalty and boost your appeal as an employer
  • Reduce costs (parking spaces, transport costs, etc.) with a beneficial alternative
  • Consolidate your reputation for sustainable development

Our conditions

  • This offer is only available for companies or organisations with employees
  • A minimum of 10 Annual Travelcards must be purchased within 12 months of the contract being signed
  • The company shall offer a minimum discount of 10% or CHF 100 per travelcard, and this shall be identical for all beneficiaries. Discounts on non-Mobilis travelcards can also be included in the employee package, but the rebate from Mobilis shall only apply to purchases of Mobilis travelcards

  • The Mobilis products available for this offer are Child, Youth, Adult and Senior Annual Travelcards, regardless of the number of zones


  • Mobilis may be able to offer a higher rebate if the company takes clear and measurable steps to encourage the use of public transport (such as encouraging travel during off-peak hours or limiting private vehicle access to the workplace)
  • This offer is part of a range of corporate solutions put forward by partner companies in the Vaud fare network

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